As some of



y As some of you may already know, the DMV recently implemented, NEW: "Waive the road test and get Probationary License online" option.

So me st Some students will qualify for the waiver and some students will not, this determination will be based on an audit by the DMV, the audit will be

conducted by the DMV after the parent/sponsor submits the electronic waiver form.

Studen Students who've had their 6th lesson already -  Before the stay at home order went into effect, students road test were cancelled during the Covid-19

pandemic. Now because of the backlog that has developed at the DMV, those students will not have to reschedule their road test, but have the choice to

use the waiver option beginning on May 11th and until the end of July 2020.   Please go to the DMV website on how to obtain the waiver form. 

The parent/sponsor will acknowledge full responsibility and will be the deciding factor on whether or not their child is capable of being a safe, responsible,

low risk driver when the parent sign the online waiver form.

Stud Students who had a road test scheduled but have not finished the driving lessons -  Some students are already back on the driving lessons schedule...if not

please contact the driving school. Please know that the driving school program requirements of  6 behind the wheel & 6 observation hours, must be fulfilled

before the electronic completion certificate from the driving school can be submitted to the DMV.  A total of 30 hours of supervised driving with a parent/sponsor

must be completed as well during the 6 month of the student having their temporary license.

The DMV The DMV audit procedure would involve input from the Parent and the Instructor to determine waiver eligibility in obtaining the Probationary License. 

Requirements for the waiver are listed on the DMV website.  

For student For students who do not qualify for the road test waiver, or whose parents/guardians prefer a road test, DMV road tests will resume on May 26th, 2020,

by appointment only and should be scheduled with the DMV online.

I hope this h I hope this helps to answer some questions, if not, please send us an email with your questions and/or concerns. 

Please be patient, we are getting lots of calls and emails. We are trying to make this transition back from the quarantined life a smooth transition and less

chaotic as humanly possible.   Thank you!

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COVID-19 UPDATE - Week of May 11th, 2020

A-Plus Driving School office hours this week will be: Mondays, 12 noon to 4 pm;
Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12 noon to 3 pm; and Saturdays 10 am-2 pm for the next
couple of weeks.  In class session has been cancelled for now, however our Driver's Ed
Online Courses are still available. 

Scheduling of the behind-the-wheel lessons for all students has resumed, please call during
the office hours or click on "Lessons Request" here on our website. 

Upon completion of the Driver's Ed online course, students could take the permit test
with us, by appointment, at A-Plus Driving School, however the actual issuance of the
permit would be from the DMV, contact the DMV for their business hours.

Please contact the DMV or visit their website for updates.   

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation also recognizes the concern parents, 
students and schools have regarding the current Coronavirus statue within Wisconsin.
The "Safer at Home" order will end as of May 26th.  Some businesses will still require
face mask and social distancing. 
Students are not required to wear a mask during the driving lessons but are welcomed
to do so if they feel the need to.

We encourage everyone to continue to take precautions recommended for navigating
flu season, including social distancing, adhering to coughing and sneezing etiquette 
and frequent and proper hand washing. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will still 
be available in the driving school vehicles, for the students use before and/or after their 
behind-the-wheel driving lesson.  

We thank you for your understanding as we work through this unprecedented time


A-Plus Driving School of Cedarburg