Now you can get your online classroom and behind the wheel sessions ALL IN ONE convenient package.
It works just like our traditional classroom sessions, except with the online course, you can log in and take your driver's ed. class from anywhere at anytime!

Once you're finished with the online course (and you're at least 15 1/2 years old), you'll be eligible to start your behind the wheel lessons with us.

 The course is divided into 30 lessons, each 1 hour in length     (you may complete up to two lessons/2 hours in a single day, similar to the traditional Driver's Ed class, students attend 2 hours of class a day for 15 days to fulfill the 30 hour requirement as mandated by state regulations), there's a test at the end of each online lesson.  You must pass the test to complete the lesson and move on to the next lesson.  Once all 30 lessons have been completed you will also be presented with a final test which must be completed and passed to complete the entire course.

In addition to our enrollment confirmation e-mail, you will receive an additional welcome e-mail for the online course that will instruct you to confirm your email address and set up your password to access the course.  After confirming your e-mail address and setting up your password, you may log in from then on at any time to complete your course lessons.

Please note that the link in your welcome email will expire, so please take the time to set up your account completely, as soon as possible (you can always do a password reset to complete the process at a later time if it does expire).

The 90 days will begin once the student confirms and has set up their account completely.  Students are given 90 days to complete the 30 hour online course, students needing more then 90 days will be charged an additional fee.

Upon completing your online class, contact us for the next steps, preparing for the permit test at the DMV and to register for behind the wheel lessons.  (If you have purchased the Online Course Only package ($99.00), you may go to another driving school to complete the Behind-the-Wheel portion, if you are unable to continue with us).  If you purchased the 30 hrs. Online Course, the 6 hours of behind the wheel & 6 hours of observation, are already include in your ($350.00) purchase, otherwise you will have to purchase the driving lessons separately from us if you purchased the Online Only package.